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What I do is super straightforward - I'm all about helping artists tell their story and bring their creative vision to life. There are two genres that matter to me - pop and rock: there's something super rewarding about producing ultra slick pop/EDM records and shifting gears to slam a punk rock mix... So if you're a pop artist looking to elevate your production quality or in a band and you need some sh*t slammed, hit me up - we should work together. At this point, I've helped dozens of artists create something totally refreshing, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Spotify spins, hours on radio, and real royalty cash.


Tracks I've had the privilege of working on.
[ W : writer / P : producer / M : mixer ]

WALWIN x Kidneko
[ W / P ]

Devin Harmer
[ P / M / MA ]

Made For Broadway
[ W / P / M ]

Eye the Realist
[ MA ]

New Academics
[ W / M ]

Heroes Wear Red
[ W / M / MA ]


Here's what my artists have to say.

Eye the Realist
Josie Randle
(Eye the Realist, USA)

"He kills it on his mixes, masters, songwriting, and is professional and aims to provide you exactly what you need."

Super Attack Move
Etienne Olivier
(Super Attack Move, SA)

"Rob sees the potential in your songs that you never even knew was there in the first place. Great ideas, powerful sound, and good vibes all round :)"

Friends Like Thieves
Deon Roos
(Friends Like Thieves, SA)



Here's what I can do for you.
Additional revisions charged at hourly rate.


$ rates on request

per song, excl. royalties

  • Beat production
  • HD WAV and track stems
  • Free mix
  • Two revisions
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Writing Popular

$ rates on request

per song, excl. royalties

  • Full topline
  • Vocal arrangement with separates
  • Excludes beat production
  • Two revisions
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$ rates on request

per song

  • HD WAV file
  • Stem and backtrack bounces
  • Free master
  • Two revisions
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$ rates on request

per song

  • HD WAV files
  • 44.1khz / 16 bit + 48khz / 24 bit
  • Free DDP setup for CD replication*
  • Two revisions
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Let me know how I can help you achieve your vision.

Rob Storm


Johannesburg, SA


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